About Us:

A brief summary of our roots.

In early 2016, Alpha's Landscaping opened their doors to the public for the first time. With little financial resources or any knowledge of the "business side" of marketing and book keeping, we knew we had a lot to learn. We were also aware that we would have to make a big impression if we wanted to stay afloat because there was a lot of competition. So with an abundance of dedication, research, and hope by the end of the year we obtained our; Home Improvement Contractors License (HIC), Insurance, a Point Of Sale (POS) program to take and receive payments and sales, some basic tools and equipment, and a really bad farmers tan! We could not believe we actually survived the first year despite being the underdog. All we had was a small f150 truck a push mower and 1 helper. And from there it was history! Now we have a business front on rt 9 in West Creek, NJ, several dump trucks and pick up trucks, trailers, and high end equipment with nearly a dozen men working full time on the books! We are so thankful for all the memories and learning experiences our community has provided us and really appreciate being able to continue our services with you all. Every day we wake up motivated and ready to make your home or business look great so you dont have to. Thank you again!